Cross Glyph (Like an Emoji)
Possible Uses: Cross • Christianity • Religion •
Brandable • Short & Memorable


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About Glyph Domains

These hieroglyph domains are actually fairly rare. There are only so many that can be registered and are some of the few "emoji-like" domains available for use in the dotcom space. The uses are almost infinite because of the many possibly meanings of each glyph to a person or company.


Why Invest In Glyphs?

Why Invest In Glyphs? Imagine putting one of these on an ad or billboard. It creates interest and intrigue. Regular emojis cannot be registered with a .com address but these can. Have a company related to a lizard? Acquire the lizard glyph and use it for your site / campaign and get some buzz going. This equates to free advertising and marketing and could help bring traffic to your business or cause.

How Do I Access Them?

It's actually simpler than you might think. If you have the correct font installed you'll be able to see them on your device / computer. Most modern devices have the font already (for example, the iPhone.) The font is called Aegyptus. Another option is to use Google's Noto Fonts. You can also access them using the punycode equivalent. For example, 𓏶.com is also accessible by typing in

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Okay, I'm sold! How Do I Acquire One?

Use the "Acquire Domain" at the top of this page. This will take you to the page to purchase. The domains are registered with GoDaddy (one of the largest and most well known registrars on the planet) so a simple domain push will give you ownership of the name..